Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Zander Family

This is the first story I started years ago when I first bought Sims 3.  I do not like the story options with Sims 3 and tried my hand with Microsoft products for recording my stories as I did in Sims 2.  Those efforts turned out to be too cumbersome.  So, I finally decided to try an actual blog site.  The story below is very simple and not complete.  This is my first blogging attempt. I seem to like this right now as it seems easier then my past attempts.  Future blogs/should be more interesting.  If you are a fellow Simmer and wish to friend me please do so at Cbn036.  Check out my studio while there. I'm currently trying to get the badges for recommendations so if you do download my creations, please remember to recommend.  Thank you.